This page is for members of the Cultivating a Heart of Compassion class.

Following are links to audio recordings of class sessions.  Each link should open in a new window or tab, with controls at the bottom on the window. (You may have to download the file if a player doesn’t open in your browser.)

NOTE:  The audio for some class sessions are in multiple sections.

If you are enrolled in the class and a link does not work for you, please contact your instructor.


    1. Session 1, Feb. 24, 2013


    1. Session 2, March 3, 2013


    1. Session 3, March 10, 2013


    1. Session 4, March 24, 2013
      You may have to download this file if a player doesn’t open in your browser.
      It can be played with VLC, QuickTime Player or iTunes, and probably others.


  1. Session 5, March 31, 2013