Peaceful Refuge Sangha Pledge Donation Program

The mindfulness teachings are freely offered. If you desire, you may offer a gift in return.

The financial decisions of the Peaceful Refuge Sangha are guided by an ancient Buddhist principle known as Dana, meaning generosity. We express this principle in practice by offering many activities free of charge, and we make every effort so that no one is turned away from fully participating in any event because of limited financial resources.


The other side of Dana, which has supported the teaching of mindfulness over thousands of years, is that people who come to activities, or simply appreciate what is offered, make donations so that the teaching can continue. Donations of time, expertise, and financial resources make it possible for Peaceful Refuge Sangha to continue to offer programs and activities.  It is a lovely economic model — an economy of gifts — in which everyone gives freely from their hearts. The practice of giving is part of waking up and realizing the true relationship between self and other, self and community.

How is my Dana used?

Donations support rental fees, community supplies, scholarships to special events and retreats, retreat hosting expenses, and remuneration for both Peaceful Refuge’s teacher, and visiting teachers. (The amount of remuneration is set by the Peaceful Refuge Board of Directors.)

How much is enough?

Like a gift to a loved one, a gift of Dana comes from our heart and is appropriate to the circumstances. Most welcome is a regular, recurring donation. A monthly donation allows Peaceful Refuge Sangha to plan for future events and activities, and whatever the amount, adds to the stability and effectiveness of the sangha.

When considering how much to give, please contemplate the value you receive from the teachings, your commitment to sangha, and your economic ability.When you offer a sustaining gift that is meaningful to you, it deepens your connection to the sangha, and provides opportunities for others to be introduced to the Buddha’s teachings.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Peaceful Refuge Sangha is a non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent of the law. The name of our legal entity is:  Community of Mindful Living, Southern Oregon (CMLSO).  Please make checks payable to CMLSO.

How Can I Contribute?

Please fill in the form attached below with your pledge information or set up a recurring donation in your electronic bill pay with the address listed on the Pledge Form. If you have questions, please email or write to us using the contact info in Main Menu.

Dana is a gift given from the heart, bringing joy and benefit to the giver and the receiver.
Thank you so much!

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