Peaceful Refuge Sangha offers a variety of opportunities to weave mindfulness into our lives, both individually and as a community.  From our weekly formal meditation sessions, to informal walks in the park, to classes and study, to larger events offered to the public, there are ways for everyone to be involved at whatever level they prefer.

 Weekly Mindfulness Meditation Gatherings

Meditating together is a powerful way to strengthen our focus and deepen our commitment to regular practice. On our Tuesday evening gatherings we enjoy silent, guided and walking meditation; a reading and teaching, and sharing. Everyone is welcome at this event.

Visit the Current Events section for our current weekly schedule.


Periodically, we gather to learn and practice the chants used in our formal gatherings and ceremonies, and to enjoy singing practice songs together.  Singing and chanting use both hemispheres of the brain and are a wonderful way to infuse your consciousness with the wisdom of the Dharma.

Days of Mindfulness, Retreats

There is no substitute for practicing together in a sustained way.  True transformation happens when we gather for a day or more and dedicate our efforts to being present. One of the kindest things you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to commit to these practice opportunities. Experienced practitioners and those new to practice are welcome to attend. Visit the Upcoming Events page for these special events.