The body of teachings of the Buddha is called the Dharma, an aspect of practice in which we can learn how to live peacefully and compassionately in a world of chaos and misunderstanding. Through study of the Dharma, insight grows within us and our thoughts, speech and action become infused with love and understanding. A teaching on the Dharma will not tell us something we don’t know, but will re-awaken us to our true nature. When we listen to a teaching, it is best to sit quietly, following our breath and offering our full attention.

In this section you will find teachings divided into audio/visual recordings and written teachings. There are talks and articles from our visiting teacher, Barbara Casey, including recordings from several series of classes. You may use these classes as a teaching device or just listen at random. There is also a link to many talks given by Thich Nhat Hanh, which are archived by both topic and date. Please enjoy this offering of the Dharma and share it with others.

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