The Funeral of Jealousy

I went to the funeral of jealousy today.
Everyone was there.
We all had a stake in witnessing
this old, familiar, often-hidden friend
put to rest.
A hurricane-sized sigh of relief
blew out all the candles as the
coffin lid closed.
The darkness held the sweet promise
of days without worry, of unlimited
They say that envy is green,
but what was cleared that day was a dirty red filter
that caused our eyes to see in small, separate pieces,
what is in truth one thing.
We feasted after on affection, charity, genuine fondness,
what the Buddha called loving-kindness.
Eyes of wonder, hearts of green earth and bright stars.
As she decomposes in her box deep in the earth,
she transforms and returns to us.
Her body rises like incense smoke, carrying our prayers for freedom.
Her spirit dances with abandon in the space between then and now.

Barbara Casey, 2011